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Two Seasons Dining Facility

Facility Hours

Phone Number: (907) 377-2563

Two Seasons Dining Facility, located at 447 North Street, provides eligible patrons with outstanding food service. Nearly 600 customers eat at the Two Seasons Dining Facility daily. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight meal are provided 365 days a year. The facility also offers a carry out service 7 days a week. A variety of sandwiches are offered at all times with chips, yogurts, fruits, desserts, and beverages to compliment your to-go meal. Co-located with the Top of the World Flight Kitchen, the facility has several cold meal choices for Flight Line and Ground Support Personnel available 24 hours a day. Two Seasons Dining Facility offers the popular Airman’s Birthday Meal once per quarter. 

Top of the World Flight Kitchen

Phone Number: (907) 377-2563

Top of the World Flight Kitchen Menu

The Top of the World Flight Kitchen is open 24/7 and is located in building 2207, within the Two Season’s Dining Facility on the Avenue side, across from the Goldrush Inn. For our military members, the dining facility is open at convenient hours, morning, noon, and night with the most comfortable seating areas on base. The Flight Kitchen provides high quality flight/ground support meals. All meals must be picked up at the Flight Kitchen. To order these meals, call the Flight Kitchen team at (907) 377-2563. Please note, Flight meal orders must be placed 4 hours in advance if ordering 25 or more meals. Three days notice is requaired when ordering 100 or more meals.

“Use of the military dining facility is only permitted to enlisted members, personnel on official travel orders, and those individuals authorized by the installation commander to meet mission requirements.”

Satellite Dining Facility

Phone Number: (907) 377-7466


The Satellite Dining Facility opened in October 2020 and is located in building 1339 on the south end of the flight line. They are open Monday-Friday. Click the Maps icon in the 354 FSS Mobile App for directions.

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