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The Eielson Child Development Center (CDC) provides available, affordable, quality child care for children ages 6-weeks to 5 years.  The CDC promotes the cognitive, social, emotional and physical development of children through recreational and educational programming using the Air Force Creative Curriculum.  They plan activities based on the children's needs and interests.  The staff strives to build a trusting relationship with the parents, so parents can go to work feeling their children are in good hands.

MilitaryChildCare (MCC) is an innovative online child care information, request and reservation system developed by DoD and is the only way to allow families to sign up for child care any time/anywhere and track their status instantly. Click here and follow the link to get started today! Please contact Child Development Center 907-377-3237, School Age 907-377-5437, or Family Child Care 907-377-3635 with any questions.

Each program implements developmentally appropriate activities that promote the social, emotional, cognitive and physical development of the children enrolled.  All programs have a Training and Curriculum Specialist who provides staff training on the implementation of the curriculum and other safety, health and child abuse prevention requirements in accordance with Air Force and DOD requirements.

Eligible patrons include active duty military personnel, DOD civilian personnel paid with either appropriated funds (APF) or non-appropriated (NAF), reservists on active duty or during inactive duty training and DOD contractors.  Priorities for care are set by the base for use by eligible patrons of the programs.  Dual and single working military and DOD civilian parents are given a higher priority for care than other patrons.

Parent Involvement
The Child Development Center has a Parent Advisory Board composed only of parents using the various child development programs on the base (Youth Center, Family Child Care and School Age Care).  The board acts in an advisory capacity only and representatives of the programs attend the meetings to provide support and answer questions.  Parents are given opportunities to be actively involved and staff and parents talk about the program and the care of their children on a daily basis.

Our programs employ staff who have the qualifications and training required to protect the health and safety of children and provide a program of developmentally appropriate activities. Each program is provided oversight by the Child and Youth Programs Flight Chief and is under the direction of a Child Development Center Director.  Directors must have a 4-year degree or an equivalent from an accredited college or university.  The degree must be in child development, early childhood education, or a related field including, but not limited to education, social work, home economics or psychology.

Types of Programs Offered

Hourly Care
Hourly Care is offered at the Child Development Center when slots are available.  Even when the enrollment is at capacity, programs sometimes have hourly care available when regular enrolled children are away on vacation or out for other reasons.  Hourly care is designed for non-working parents who need hourly care for their children during times when they have appointments or for other reasons.  Children in hourly care receive the same care and are provided with the same activities and curriculum as children in full-time care and at most bases are included with children in regular care.

Give Parents a Break
Eielson offers a “Give Parents a Break Program” to provide care for parents who are under increased stress for any reason.  The program is sponsored by the Air Force Aid Society (AFAS).  The AFAS pays for the cost of care for parents referred by base agencies such as, the Family Support Center, Chapel, Family Advocacy Office, Hospital, First Sergeants, Commanders or the Child and Youth Programs Flight.

Fees for full-time care are set by each program within the ranges as determined by the Department of Defense on an annual basis.  Fees are based upon total family income.  Fees include meals and snacks, which are provided at least every three hours while the facility is open.  If inquiring about hourly costs, please contact our Eielson Child Development Center.

The Military Child Care Act of 1989/96 and DODI 6060.3 require four annual unannounced inspections for military child development programs.  Base personnel conduct annual Comprehensive Fire, Safety, and Health inspections.  A team of experts including parents from all programs completes a base level Multidisciplinary Team Inspections.  In addition, trained youth specialists from Higher Headquarters also conduct an annual unannounced inspections.



Child Development Center Events

Give Parents A Break

02-05-2021 6:30 pm -10:30 pm


Give Parents A Break

04-10-2021 11:30 am -3:30 pm


Give Parents A Break

06-04-2021 6:30 pm -10:30 pm


Give Parents A Break

08-14-2021 11:30 am -3:30 pm


Give Parents A Break

10-01-2021 6:30 pm -10:30 pm


Give Parents A Break

12-11-2021 11:30 am -3:30 pm




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