Thursday, 16 August 2018


Welcome to Eielson!

Looking for places to eat? You can visit both the Lane 21 Snack Bar or Bonfire Grille & Restaurant for delicious assortments of lunch and dinner selections.

In the mood for a mocha? Stop on by the Yukon Club Coffee Shop for a variety of caffenated drinks, where we proudly brew Starbucks coffee!

If you are a single airman, or here TDY or with RED FLAG, you'll be looking for Two Seasons Dining Facility and the Top of the World Flight Kitchen information. Join us at the Club 354 Sportsbar (Enlisted Lounge) or MiG Alley (Officers Lounge) to unwind after a hard day.

The Goldrush Inn is Eielson's Lodging facility. Click the Goldrush Inn link on the page to get all the information on making your reservations and more!

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