Thursday, 18 October 2018


This is a page dedicated to answering questions we receive from our customers and the ICE Comment Cards. This page will be updated frequently with more answers to customer’s questions.

Question: “Is there any other place to access a complete list of FSS events other than Facebook?
Answer: There are many ways to find all of our FSS events!  One way is our website (updated daily).  Then follow us on Twitter, Facebook and our weekly email. You may now also find some of our FSS events posted on the Public Affairs calendar on

Question: “Why doesn’t the FSS page have any information about the Sunrise Coffee stand or post its menu?”
Answer: The Sunrise Bagel Coffee Stand is contracted with AFFES and is not a part of the 354th Force Support Squadron.  However we have a coffee shop that proudly brews Starbucks coffee at the Yukon Club.

Question: “Who handles the marquee at the front gate?” Answer: The marquee at the front gate is owned and operated by the Public Affairs Office.  For questions regarding this marquee, contact Public Affairs at 377-2166.

Question: “How can I receive information about FSS events?” Answer: FSS sends out a weekly Fighter Wing email for all .mil addresses to announce upcoming events each week.  All civillian email addresses can visit to sign up to receive our weekly event emails by clicking on the Mail Chimp button located at the bottom of our home page.  To find out more about FSS events, visit our Facebook page; Eielson AFB Force Support Squadron, our website, view our marquees, flyer distrobution boards, FSS slide shows throughout our facilities.  FSS is offering FSS Event Text Message Alerts, allowing you to receive event information directly to your phone.  Text FSSALL to 95577.


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