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NAF Human Resource Office

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Phone Number: (907) 377-1355

The NAF Human Resources mission is to provide efficient and effective management and administration to the Air Force NAF Personnel Program.  The Human Resources Director acts for the installation commander in administering the appointing authority delegated from the Secretary of the Air Force.  The Human Resources Office provides advice and assistance to management in meeting personnel needs and solving personnel problems while insuring programs and actions comply fully with the spirit and intent of laws, regulations and policies.

Currently Open Positions: visit

Any individual who is a U.S. Citizen or resident may apply for employment.  Upon appointment you must present two forms of identification, for example, original Social Security card or birth certificate and a picture ID. Non-U.S. citizens must present proof of employment eligibility.  Applicants must be at least 16 years of age.

MILITARY SPOUSE PREFERENCE: A copy of the spouse’s PCS orders (applicant’s name must be on orders) should be submitted with the application to be considered for Military Spouse Preference (MSP).  Eligibility for spouse preference is lost upon accepting or declining any regular position with NAF, Civil Service, or AAFES.  VETERAN PREFERENCE: A copy of the veteran’s DD214 (member copy 4) must be submitted with the OF 612 to be considered for Veteran’s Preference. TRANSITION HIRING PREFERENCE: Eligible THP applicants will possess a transition assistance identification card. Preference may be used for any NAF job open to competition at pay band three or below and crafts and trades positions. A person must apply for employment, qualify for the position and may only use THP once.

Active Duty Military Members must provide AF Form 3902, Application and Approval for Off-Duty Employment when selected for a NAFI position.  Commissioned Officers are not eligible for appointment while on active duty.

Retiring military members may apply 120 days before retirement date (not date of terminal leave)  

Separating military members may apply 120 days before separation date.  Enlisted applicants can be hired during terminal leave status before actual date of military separation.   A copy of Department Defense Form 214 Member Copy 4 showing discharge type is required for all applications.  If separating military member has not received DD Form 214 or has not yet separated, a letter from the member's First Sergeant or Commander stating applicable dates and discharge type is needed.



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