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Recharge For Resiliency


Recharge for Resiliency (R4R) is the capstone for resiliency programming across the Air Force.

R4R encompasses the following key resiliency components: the Single Airman Programming
Initiative (SAPI), RecOn and Deployed Affected Programming (previously R4R). These resiliency
programs target specific audiences and provide needed support for our Airmen and their




Single Airman Programming Initiative

The SAPI is an Air Force initiative endorsed by Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force (CMSAF). Over 40% of the Active Duty Air Force is single and supported by this initiative. During the 2010 Caring for People conference, the AF Chief of Staff indicated a need to implement programs to support single Airmen. Single Airmen focus groups echoed concerns and vectored programming. As a result, MC&FP provided funding for AF installations to develop single Airmen programs.

GOAL: To provide Force Support Squadron (FSS) resources that foster a strong culture, mission, and sense of community for single Airmen.

OBJECTIVE: Provide a wide variety of social and recreation opportunities through FSS recreational activities, offer MWR-life skills classes to “create a single Airman culture that supports the “whole person” – healthy lifestyle,” improve technology and communication within FSS programs and activities.

AUDIENCE: Air Force Active Duty or Air Reserve Component officer or enlisted member without a spouse.

RecOn is an Air Force initiative designed to address the challenges faced by deploying Airmen by providing high adrenaline, supervised Outdoor Recreation programs. This initiative will provide opportunities to Airmen gearing up for deployment and returning to their home duty station after deployment as they reintegrate into regular social networks, family life, and local communities. RecOn is operated through installation FSS Outdoor Recreation programs, only.

GOAL: Build and maintain mission ready Airmen, create resilient, adaptive and strong Airmen and families and strengthen and foster cohesive Air Force units and communities

OBJECTIVE: To provide a wide range of high adrenaline outdoor adventure based activities in a safe manner to Airmen and their families. - Provide outdoor recreational outlets as stress relief for Airmen and their families - Provide equipment to installation ODRs in order to support outdoor adventure activities

AUDIENCE: Air Force Active Duty or Air Reserve Component officer or enlisted member and their family members.

Deployed-Affected Programming allows all Air Force assigned service members returning from deployments, or dependent-restricted assignments, and their family members to participate in FSS recreational activities. Eligible family members may participate while the member is gone and/or upon their service member’s return. Members who have deployed in support of an active operation and/or who are on a dependent-restricted assignment, and their dependents, are eligible for this initiative.

GOAL: Provide deployed-affected and dependent-restricted Air Force assigned service members and their families relief from the challenges they face by offering the opportunity to recharge through MWR focused social, recreational, fitness and learning programs.

OBJECTIVE: Provide respite by encouraging deployed-affected and dependent-restricted members and their families to participate in Force Support Squadron (FSS) programs and activities.

AUDIENCE: Deployed-affected & dependent-restricted assigned Air Force personnel and their family members.





Denali Zip Line Adventure

August 25 & September 1

*All patrons must bring closed toed shoes, warm clothing, hair ties for long hair, it is recommended everyone brings snacks and drinks. All military must complete hazardous activity forms with their supervisor. Minimum weight is 70 lbs. Maximum weight is 280 lbs. If anyone does not fit the requirements, they cannot attend. Every participant must pay the $5.00 fee to secure a spot. All participants must inform us if they are taking the bus or driving themselves.

Denali White Water Rafting

August 25 & September 8

9:45am - 10:30pm

Join us for a full day of adventure White Water Rafting at Denali! Only $5 per person. Includes transportation, rafting equipment, guide, and 2 hour canyon paddle. 
Meet at Front Gate Parking Lot at 9:45 a.m.
Return to parking lot at ~10:30 p.m.
Items recommended: small coolers, lunch, and snacks
No alcohol consumption prior to rafting. Bus will stop for dinner at 49th State Brewery after rafting. Bring cash for dinner.
Must wear long pants, long sleeve shirts and socks during rafting trip. Layers recommended for cooler weather. 2

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