Registration Open: Comic Con Smash Bros Tournament


The tournament starts at 12:30 and is open to all ages!

FREE to enter. 50 participants max.

The tournament closes at 6pm at the latest or upon completion of the tournament, whichever comes first. 

Registrations will be accepted until the tournament begins through the link below or in person during Comic Con in the Night Watch area (golf simulators).


1st: $150 Game Stop Gift Card

2nd: $50 Game Stop Gift Card

3rd: $25 Game Stop Gift Card

Each participant will receive an Air Force Gaming swag bag.

 Game rules

Double elimination tournament

Best two games out of three

Best three games out of five during the top 16 (subject to change)

Three stock battle, seven minute timer

Items, final smash meter, stage morph, custom balance, handicap, and pause are OFF

Stage hazards are ON

Character picking rules
All characters are legal, including all variations of Mii Fighters
If a Mii Fighter is being used, the opponent has the right to inquire into their player's special moves before the set begins
In the situation of a character switch between games, the previous game's winner changes first if they so desire. Then the previous game's loser may switch in response.

Stage Rules
Starter stages

Small Battlefield
Final Destination
Hollow Bastion

Game one stage picking rules
One game of Rock-Paper-Scissors is played.
The game's winner bans one stage. Then the game's loser bans two stages. Finally, the game's winner picks the stage from the remaining two.
Alternatively, if the competitors agree to it, they can go to whichever stage they wish.

Counterpick stages
All of the starter stages
Town and City
Yoshi's Story
Northern Cave

Stage counter picking rules
The previous game's winner bans two stages, then the previous game's loser picks the stage.
A player cannot pick a stage they have most recently won on.
Alternatively, if the competitors agree to it, they can go to whichever stage they wish.

Event Properties

Event Date 03-25-2023 12:30 pm
Event End Date 03-25-2023 6:00 pm
Available place 21
Location Eielson City Center