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Yukon Club

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Phone Number:  (907) 377-2714

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The Yukon Club provides catering services, a restaurant, coffee shop, and bar. Contact our catering manager to book a private luncheon, wedding, or protocol function. The Bonfire Grille & Restaurant offers a lunch menu. You can watch your favorite sports game with a brew and some friends at the Ben's Den. Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee at the Midnight Sun Mocha Coffee Shop, where we proudly brew Starbucks coffee.

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Bonfire Grille & Restaurant

Phone Number:  (907) 377-2228

Bonfire Grille & Restaurant Menu        Bar Menu

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Hungry? Enjoy a delicious lunch at the Bonfire Grille & Restaurant. For daily specials, the Bonfire Grille & Restaurant offers a variety of cuisine! 


Ben's Den  

Phone Number:  (907) 377-2736

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Ben's Den is the place to be! Bring your friends and enjoy a brew! Keep your Club Card handy to get your Club Member discounts! Not a Club Member yet? Ask our staff about the program and sign up today!

Club Catering 

Phone Number:  (907) 377-2051

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Looking to host a catered event? The only question you need ask is our place or yours? For stress-free entertaining, visit our Catering Manager at the Yukon Club or give us a call at (907) 377-2051.




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