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Eielson Air Force Gaming is an inclusive, local gaming community open to active duty Airmen and Guardians, veterans, and family that brings together all current and interested gamers into one forum to build camaraderie and morale on Eielson AFB.

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Discord is a free online chat, voice, and video platform where local members can discuss and play games together, get information on in-person community events, virtual tournaments, and participate in global esports leagues.

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Air Force Gaming, Officially Part of the Air Force Services Center

Over 86% of Airmen between the ages of 18-34 identify as gamers. Our founding members started Air Force Gaming as an initiative to help Airmen and Guardians of all ages, ranks, and backgrounds find common ground through video games, while also promoting mental acuity, fine motor coordination, and competitive excellence. Air Force Gaming is the official gaming program and competition hub for the United States Air Force and Space Force.