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The Military & Family Readiness Center is chartered as a primary prevention agency and functions to ensure resources required to support active duty and their families are available. The Military & Family Rediness Center designs, develops, and conducts family programs according to base and community requirements and capabilities. Services are available for active duty and their families, DoD civilians, retirees, and our single airmen.

Employment Assistance Program
Employment and career assistance supports active military, civilians and family members in achieving short and long-term employment, by referring for education/training and obtaining career goals in the private and public sectors. The M&FRC provides employment skills counseling to prepare for portable careers in the private and public sectors. Services also include resources for self-employment, small business, and entrepreneurial efforts. Resume Workshops and Interview Skills Classes are regularly held, and we accept sign ups prior to the class.

Personal & Family Readiness Program
The M&FRC offers information, education, and support services to individuals, families, and the community during deployments, contingencies, and emergencies. Personal and Family Readiness programs help families to be self-sufficient if military members are away on deployments or temporary duty. Pre-Deployment & Remote Tour Briefing is held every Thursday and our Reintegration Education Seminar is held every Tuesday.

Personal & Work Life
Personal & Work Life services promote community wellness and assist with the readiness and resiliency of the force across the life cycle. Services include intervention, prevention/enrichment consultation and skills-building designed to enhance work/life competencies for individuals, couples, and families. Focus is on promoting, enriching and improving work/home balance, resulting in increased quality of life and resiliency. Activities will be educational and offered through individual and group settings to meet identified community needs. 

Personal Financial Readiness Program
The M&FRC offers information, education, and personal financial counseling to help individuals and families maintain financial readiness and build resiliency.
If you would like individualized assistance, our staff of experts is available to assist you on an appointment basis. Individual appointments are recommended if you are facing particularly difficult financial problems. Our staff can assist with establishing a basic budget, managing debit cards/checkbooks, repairing or maintaining credit, buying a car, buying a home, Thrift Savings Plan, and receiving basic investing information. Some of the classes we offer periodically include Blended Retirement System, Understanding the Car Buying Game, Credit Reports: What They Show and Who Sees It, Investing in Your Future – Thrift Savings Plan, Digging Out of Debt, and Home Buying. We accept sign ups prior to each class.

Relocation Assistance Program
While moving can be stressful, your stress can be drastically reduced if you take full advantage of the many Relocation Assistance Program services and tools available. The M&FRC provides relocation information, education, and skills development for customers. The M&FRC is the place to find answers to all of your relocation questions as well as assistance with in-transit emergencies. Our newcomers can find pertinent Eielson information at our Pioneer Start & Info Fair which is held once a month.
Transition Assistance Program (TAP)
Our Pre-Separation Counseling is held every Wednesday and the 5-day TAP Workshop is offered once a month, which includes the Veterans Affairs Benefits Briefings & Air Force Wounded Warrior Resource.
Heart Link

The Heart Link Program is an orientation offered on a quarterly basis to acquaint new Air Force Spouses with the Air Force way of life. This program strengthens military families and enhances mission readiness. Appreciating that spouses play an important role in re-enlistment decisions, therefore impacting retention, a major program goal is to help spouses, especially those with the Air Force five years or less, acclimate to the Air Force/military environment. All spouses, new to the Air Force family or new to Eielson, are welcome to attend.

Exceptional Family Member Program
The Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) is designed to provide support to military family members with special needs. EFMP is a mandatory enrollment program that protects federal entitlements and military benefits of special needs family members. The Family Support, Medical, and Assignments functions work together and with other military and civilian agencies to ensure EFMP families have an enhanced quality of life as they relocate around the world with their sponsors.

Military & Family Life Counselor
Contracted professional counselors are available to provide non-medical short term, situational problem-solving counseling to Service Members and their families. Services can be provided on or off military installations, to individuals, couples, families, and groups. MFLCs are mandated reporters of child abuse, domestic abuse, and other duty-to-warn situations. Services are otherwise confidential and private, except for duty-to-warn situations. Please contact the M&FRC office to make an appointment.

Key Spouse Program
The Air Force Key Spouse Program is an official Air Force unit family readiness program designed to enhance mission readiness and resiliency and establish a sense of community. It is a commander's initiative that promotes partnerships with unit leadership, families, volunteer Key Spouses, the M&FRC and other IDS agencies. The M&FRC offers monthly socials and training opportunities for Key Spouses. To support mentors, commanders, and first sergeants, Key Spouse Mentor and Leadership Training can be scheduled on an individual basis. Please contact the M&FRC for more information.



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