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Phone number: (907) 669-2537

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Bear Lake Fam Camp

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Bear Lake FAM Camp is located shortly after you enter the gate. Take the first left onto Transmitter Road and you will find Bear Lake located approximately one mile down on your right. There is a pavilion equipped with a kitchenette, restrooms, covered outdoor pavilion, picnic tables, and volleyball and horseshoe area. Reservations are taken up to 45 days in advance. If you are planning a party, a fee and party reservation form must be submitted prior to your event date. Bear Lake FAM Camp is situated on the Bear Lake and is newly-stocked for fishing. Experience Interior Alaska without sacrificing comfort. For information, please call 907-669-2537.

Open – Mid-May through Mid-September, due to extreme freezing conditions water may not be available until June.

Accommodations – 41 camper pads with water and electric hook-ups and 6 tent sites.

Amenities – Restrooms, showers, dump station and picnic tables.

Activities – Canoeing, kayaking, fishing, hiking, biking available through Outdoor Recreation.

Equipment Rental Bear Lake offers great prices on all the equipment you need to make the most of Alaskan summer!

Bear Lake FAM Camp Map

Birch Lake Summer Getaway

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Birch Lake is located at milepost 305.2 off the Richardson Highway, about 35 miles from base.  Birch Lake is stocked every year with rainbow trout, land locked salmon, grayling and arctic char.  Fishing boats and equipment, pontoon boats, canoes, kayaks, paddle boats and aqua cycles are available at reasonable rates for patron usage.

Open – Memorial Day through Labor Day.

Amenities – For your convenience and comfort, Birch Lake offers a snack bar, showers, bathrooms, lodge featuring TV and games, fireplaces (firewood available for purchase during summer), BBQ grills and picnic tables.

Activities - Fishing, camping, pontoon party boats, paddle boats, and aqua cycles, pavilion area for parties.

Accommodations - 23 cabins available ranging from a 2-person sleeper to the Super Deluxe which includes a private bathroom and running water; 36 camper pad sites with electric hook-up only; seven tent sites and one picnic pavilion area.

Birch Lake Cabins - Furnished cabins with barbecue areas, picnic tables and limited cooking facilities ease the transition from the comforts of home to the wilds of Alaska. Bring your own cookware, linens and towels. Most cabins are dry. Drinking water is available at the lodge or you can bring your own. A bathhouse is available on-site. Several cabins have wood-burning stoves. Moose, eagles and beaver have often been spotted in the area.

Two Person Cabins - Although considerably smaller than our normal cabins, these are equipped with two twin beds and a refrigerator. These cabins accommodate two people comfortably.

Standard Family Cabins - These cabins have either a single room or a separate bedroom floor plan, and up to four sleeping areas. There is no indoor plumbing. Amenities include a coffee pot, stove, refrigerator, picnic area, barbecue grill and fire ring. Some cabins have a screened in patio area and wood burning heaters.

Super Deluxe Cabins - These cabins, which offer full accommodations, they boast a separate bedroom, loft, living/dining area with a futon and fireplace, as well as a complete bathroom with shower and toilet.

Camper Pads - Camper pads are equipped with electric hook-ups. There is no dump station on the camp grounds. Each pad is large enough for one RV only.

*Please note:  Cabins and Trailers are not equipped with linens.

Birch Lake Map


Check in is from 1-6pm; check out is at 11am.
Call Birch Lake (488-6161) prior to 6pm for late check-in. 
The lodge and boathouse are open from 10am-6pm.
Small food items and firewood are available for purchase in the lodge.
Quiet hours are after 11pm.
Bath house available on campground.

Camper Pads $22/night
Electric hook ups ONLY; NO dump station on campground.
One RV/camper per camper pad, regardless of size.
All have a picnic area and fire ring.

Tent Sites $15/night
Can accommodate one large tent and one small child-size tent
Any additional tents: $10 per tent/night
All have picnic area and fire ring.
No electric on sites

NO smoking in the cabins 
Two-Person Cabins (Site #20-23) $30/night
Dry cabins
Two twin beds
Family Cabins (Site #1-14, 16, 17, 19) $60/night
Dry cabins 
Cabins 1, 8-14, 16, 17, 19 - Pull-out couch and a full sized bed
Cabins 2-7 - Pull-out couch and two twin beds
Super Deluxe Cabins (Site #15-18) $90/night
Running water, toilet, shower
Queen-sized bed and a pull-out couch

*Customers will not be charged for mosquito net tents, UNLESS they are being slept in.
The customer is allowed to set up ONE CHILD-SIZED tent beside their camper or cabin. Anything bigger than a child-sized tent is $10 per tent/night.


No pets are allowed on the beach area. This area includes the front of the lodge and boat house, all the way to the second floating dock near cabin 13.
Pets MUST be kept on a leash AT ALL TIMES.
Customers are responsible for cleaning up after pets.
Pets are allowed inside cabins, but all evidence of pet must be removed (hair, supplies, etc.) before check out.

Birch Lake Watercraft Rentals


Sit-on Kayak
2-Person Kayak
Off Lake
On Lake
Depends on seating (ie. 3 seats = 3 pax)

*Paddles and lifejackets are included with the rental of our small watercraft.

Boater Safety Cards

Customers who intend to use our watercraft on any lake other than Bear Lake MUST have the appropriate ElELSON-ISSUED safety card for their boat of choice.

Group Rentals

Customers may not rent more boats than the people in their group. One watercraft rental per person. 
If the customer comes in with a group and wishes to rent out a boat for each member of his party, he may pay for all rentals. HOWEVER, each member must have a boater safety card. 
NOTE: The renting customer must also be made aware that he will be held responsible for any misuse of our watercraft by his sponsored party members.


Alcohol is NOT permitted on Eielson ODR watercraft. Customers may not use our watercraft if they are in any way intoxicated, or if they vocalize their intent to get intoxicated while using the watercraft.

Pet Policy

Pets are allowed on our boats, however if the pet makes a mess in the boat, it is the customer's responsibility to clean AND DISINFECT the mess before the boat is returned.

Life Jackets

Life jackets are provided to customers who rent our boats.
Due to possible liability conflicts, we DO NOT issue individual life jackets without a boat rental.

Checking Boats Back In

ODR staff must check over the boats thoroughly when they are returned. The customer is responsible for cleaning out trash from any and all compartments.
If boats are returned completely covered in mud, the customer must use our hose to clean off the boat.

Iceman Falls Winter Office, Hill & Lodge

Iceman Falls is the winter home of Outdoor Recreation and equipment rental. When the weather conditions are suitable, enjoy our sled and tube hill! Our cozy lodge provides a warm retreat from cold outdoor fun! Iceman Falls Lodge is also available for rent. 

Limited Equipment Rental

Equipment Rental is located at Eielson's Bear Lake in the summer season and Iceman Falls in the winter season. Raven's Nest, located inside the Eielson City Center, is another spot to reserve and pick up equipment rentals. We also offer limited equipment rental at our Birch Lake and Valdez locations. 

Limited Equip Rental ODR 


RV Storage Lot

The RV Storage Lot is located at 2762 Industrial Drive, northeast of the Power Plant. RV Storage Lot assignments are completed at Equipment Check Out.

Double Lot 10' x 40' = $20 per month

Single Lot 10' x 20' = $10 per month

For more information, please call 669-2537.

Skeet & Trap Range

Contact 37-SKEET (377-5338)

The Eielson Skeet &Trap range welcomes new and experienced shooters. The range is located near Iceman Falls Lodge on Quarry Road.  The range has two skeet ranges, one trap/wobble trap range and 5-Stand. The 5-Stand is a hybrid of skeet and sporting clay shooting, developed for hunters to improve their skills for game pursuit or just for fun!

Valdez Getaway

Valdez COVID-19 Health and Safety Proclamation

Valdez COVID-19 Questions

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Outdoor Recreation has RV trailers positioned on the Prince William Sound coastline, surrounded on three sides by the Chugach Mountains. A military recreation site office is on-site at Eagles Rest RV Park. Located on the north shore of Port Valdez, a deep water fjord in Prince William Sound, Valdez offers some of the best fishing, hiking and terrific potential for whale sightings. It is the southern terminus of the trans-Alaska oil pipeline. Docked boats are also available for rent. 


Open – Memorial Day through Labor Day

Facility Hours

Valdez Trailers


$125 per night
Full hook-up (water, electric, and sewage)
Pre-positioned in Eagle's Rest RV Park
Stationary -Customers may NOT move the trailers.
Roughly 30 feet in length
All trailers are brand new
NO smoking in the trailers.

Checking In and Out

Check-in is any time after 1pm
Check-out is before 11am
Customers cannot check in on a Tuesday or Wednesday, but they CAN check out on those days. Customers may also stay THROUGH Tuesday and Wednesday.

Sleeping Space

Each trailer possesses 7 sleeping areas.
Includes 2 sets of bunk beds, a queen-sized bed, a pull-out couch, and table that folds into a bed.
ODR trailers do NOT provide any kind of linens; the customer MUST bring their own.


Kitchen utensils
Dishes (bowls and plates)
Pots and pans
Cleaning supplies (minimal)
Coffee Maker

Pet Policy

Pets must be kept on a leash at all times.
If the pet goes to the bathroom inside the cabin/trailer/boat, the customer is responsible for completely cleaning the area. If not, the area will be cleaned by a professional source and the customer will be responsible for the bill.
Customers may not use the dishes and silverware provided in the Valdez trailers to feed their pets.
Do not leave animals unattended in the trailers/cabins for extended periods of time, as they may become disruptive or cause damage to the interior of the property.

Valdez Boats

Boat #1

20' Wooldridge boat
l50hp engine
70gal fuel tank
Max capacity: 4 people

Boat #2-5

21' Wooldridge boat
l50hp engine
70gal fuel tank
Max capacity: 5 people
Includes a cuddy

Customer Information

Customers must attend the mandatory briefing by the dock at 7:30am on the morning of their boat reservation.
Boats leave the dock fully fueled no earlier than 7:30am.
Boats must be returned to the dock no later than 7pm the same day, and they must be fully fueled by the customer.
Eielson ODR does NOT offer overnight boat rentals on our Valdez sea boats.
No children under the age of five are permitted on the boats.
BE AWARE that Eielson boats are not permitted past Bleigh Reef.
Customers should also be extremely mindful of the "imaginary line" drawn between the two buoys in the harbor. Passing these buoys will result in being stopped by the Coast Guard. Any additional offenses after the first warning will result in a minimum fine of $10,000.

Included on the boats:

Life vests
Marine radios
Fish finder/GPS
Ice chest

Boat Operators

Any customer who intends to drive our boats must be in possession of an Eielson-issued boater safety card.
The renter's party will not be allowed to use the boat if the renter is not present.
In the case that multiple boats are rented under one name, the Military ID holder must be present on one of the boats rented when they leave the dock and there must be at least one military (active or retired) member on the other.

Directions to the Dock

Take a left after the Valdez archway. Follow the road until you reach a stop sign. On the other side of the stop sign, there is a covered pathway. Walk down the pathway and take a left. Follow that down to our boats.

Be Aware

There will be no refunds given or cancellations allowed due to inclement weather, with the exception of a Small Craft Advisory issued by the Coast Guard in the harbor.
There will be no refunds given or cancellations allowed due to Fish Finder or GPS malfunctions on boats. Each boat is equipped with a physical chart of the area.
There will be no refunds given due to docking boats prior to 7pm.

Downriggers/Personal Attachments

Boats are not equipped with fishing poles or down riggers. Customers MAY NOT drill holes into the boats to attach personal down riggers.

Outdoor Recreation Events

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